Building a solid foundation for further digitization at Metal wholesaler

Squadra MDM started to analyze the market needs and introduced the required assortment management changes regarding ownership, processes and a futureproof data model. Next to that the insights in the  importance of product data quality will support further digitization.


❏ Lack of expertise to enable digitization with focus on product data.

❏ Minimum ownership in product onboarding process.

❏ Technical Product Data needs for B2B web shop.

❏ Offering of total assortment online.

❏ Product data quality tooling.


❏ Analyze market needs.

❏ Design Data Model.

❏ Build responsibility matrix across Product Management.

❏ Set up of Assortment management role & processes.

❏ PCM Software enhancements that fit the full assortment.

❏ Data quality monitoring in ERP.


❏ Optimization of product onboarding flow.

❏ Improved data quality.

❏ Ready for future digitization in product management.

❏ Strengthened digital awareness. 

❏ Improved customer experience (expand online assortment).